Why are SME’s important

Together We Succeed prides itself on togetherness and empowerment. We view businesses as the cornerstones of our communities, and as important as multinational companies.

Here we have listed some of the key benefits businesses give our local community and why we should all strive to work together for the better of all involved.

  1. Encourage Community Involvement: Small business owners are an important part of the community, and they tend to be aware of how their decisions will impact their neighbours. Local business owners are usually involved in the community in terms of provision of services, employment and more!
  2. Promote Community Economic Health: SME owners are more likely to build relationships with their customers. Many small business owners form casual relationships with one another and create groups that support those relationships and help each other to grow.
  3. Create Local Jobs: SME’s create jobs and most of them can be filled by local talent. Additionally, employees in our local businesses support other local businesses by dining locally and shopping in local businesses.
  4. They build community identity: Another one of the ways small businesses benefit the community is they become representatives of their community. They attract tourists and make locals proud of where they live. Small businesses are part of the community in a way that should be admired.
  5. They innovate and diversify the local marketplaceTo stand out among the crowd and multinational companies, small businesses must be innovative and unique. They must do something different than their competition. Not only does this encourage more innovation and growth within the community, but it also creates a more diverse marketplace.

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