Must Do’s during an interview – For the interviewers!

Must Do’s during an interview – For the interviewers!

Employers often forget that candidates decided whether they want to work for an organisation during the interview process, in the same way you decide whether to hire them.

As an interviewer, you have limited time to interview candidates to see if they fit your company culture etc. Here are a few dos during an interview.

Be welcoming to the candidate

Whether you have scheduled a virtual, over-the-phone or face-to-face interview, greeting the candidate with a smile goes a long way. Introducing yourself and the company you represent, so it makes the candidate feel at ease and eager to share their skills, talents and qualities with you. It will also help to give insight into the role you do and the company culture which will help the candidate decide if the company is a fit for them.


Paying close attention to candidates’ answers to avoid making them repeat information, will allow them to feel comfortable during the duration of the interview. Candidates want to feel that you are just as invested in them as they are in you.

Be Proactive

Having a handful of your go-to questions and possible follow-up questions regarding how the candidate got started in the industry, their duration in the industry, the previous roles they have held as well as their ultimate goals can give much more insight into the type of person you are hiring as well as their goals and aspirations. Sometimes you can be surprised and how much you have in common.

Analyse Strengths and Weaknesses

While the interview is underway, it is beneficial to compare, contrast and analyse their profiles to determine what is needed for the position to get an effective and time-bound outcome. Candidates often have show they promise in a particular field, ask questions that highlight what you are looking for, and are they willing to learn? Sometimes having minimal experience in a few areas can be advantageous for your company.

Every Candidate is Unique

Candidates usually expect to be guided by their interviewer. Be kind and patient and give each candidate an opportunity to put their best foot forward without hesitation. Try to get the interviewee a personalised experience and you will probably see the best version of them.

Silence is Golden

Silence can be a simple tool to gain a valuable overview of the candidate’s personality and qualities as you ask for important information during the interview. Letting the candidate speak freely without the fear of being interrupted for what they are saying, can highlight qualities that you may otherwise not have known about.


At the end of the interview, ensure to note any possible “pros and cons on both how the interview went and how the candidate performed in relation to the vacancy. Be sure the candidate understands the next steps through the hiring process and if they have any questions. Leave time for the candidate to ask any questions so they have all the information they need.

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