1. Timing is everything!

This may seem like it goes without saying, but you’d be surprised how many candidates still turn up late to interviews. If you are, for unforeseen circumstances, running late, it’s very important that you are courteous and apologetic to your interviewer.

Ring ahead to let them know you’re running late and try to collect yourself before entering the interview (looking hot, flustered and confused is not going to help your professional image).

  1. Dress to impress!

Many candidates feel unsure and nervous about what to wear for an interview, fearing ridicule if they dare to turn up in clothes that are too smart (or too casual) but the truth is, it’s always better to go overdressed!

  1. Know the interviewer’s name

Prior to your interview, you should (in most cases) receive an email or confirmation along with the interviewer’s full name (if you don’t, it may be worth asking for it). Take note of it, learn it and use it.

  1. Turn your mobile off.
  2. Body language

Your interviewer doesn’t really have that much to go on when they make their final decision. Chances are that they’ll only get to meet you once or twice before hiring and that means that during the interview they’ll be watching your every move.

Your body language will betray some of your feelings in the interview, so if you can take control of your body, it could go a long way towards smashing the interview.

  1. Always be prepared

Your interviewer will respond to a display of even the most rudimentary knowledge about the company. Go through detailed preparation before interviews and that includes any question, you’d like to ask them during the interview.

  1. Smile

A smile conveys that you’re someone who can get along with fellow employees, wow the boss, and impress the clients.

  1. Eye contact

Make eye contact with the interviewer.

  1. Be personable

Give them something to remember you by as it gives colour to your personality and candidate profile.


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