Together We Succeed was first thought of in 2014 by a budding young Entrepreneur studying Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Greenwich. With minimal work experience and growing frustration at the lack of opportunities in the job market coupled with the usual “lack of experience” rejection emails, a decision was taken to create a platform to showcase talent and opportunity.
While at university studying for a Bachelors and Master’s degree, more effort and research was put into the basis of platform such as speaking to business owners, big and small. As well as speaking with fellow students in and around my university, which enabled me to gain a wider understanding of the current job market.
Ironically, I found that both talent and businesses were having similar issues. A lack of opportunity on both sides. Talent was finding it hard to get onto the job market as well as not having the chance to showcase their capabilities and SME’s were struggling to grow their workforce successfully due to high recruitment costs which affected the recruitment process.

And that was the it, Together We Succeed was born!

Together We Succeed is an engaging platform for both untapped talent and business owners to have an avenue to connect, grow and develop.