Application ends: July 31, 2024
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Job Description

Take Back Your Mind UK is looking to recruit a Volunteer Fundraising Manager to support the organisation in achieving its goals. We’re looking for someone with a range of soft and hard skills who can meet targets and reel in results. Take Back Your Mind UK is at a stage in its growth the opportunity for this role has opened.

We’re serious about our mission, so, are you keen to support us in Creating Healthier Minds?

As An Esteemed Volunteer, You Will:

+ Research potential fundraising opportunities that could lead to potential funding.
+ Compile grant applications and submitting them to the appropriate organisations.
+ Seek out other potential avenues for fundraising.
+ Discuss progresses and barriers with the board.
+ Work collaboratively with departments such as Social Media for content.
+ Inspire volunteers to get involved and support the organisation’s fundraising goals.
+ Build relationships with donors and organisations.
+ Ensure donors and organisations are happy and kept informed of progress and milestones the organisation makes.
+ Develop and organise fundraising campaigns and events.
+ Network.
+ Manage the distribution and collection of cash collection tubs.
+ Keep records updated.

Qualifications Required

+ Communication
+ Collaboration
+ Good organisation and time keeping
+ Good negotiation ability
+ Administration and project management
+ Creative thinking
+ Problem solving
+ The ability to build and maintain professional relationships

Additional Skills and Qualities required

+ Integrity
+ Grant writing
+ Database management
+ Compliant with the Fundraising Regulator


+ We have created a supportive culture.
+ We will help you maintain a work/life balance.
+ We’re clear on our purpose.
+ We build confidence and provide opportunities to learn and grow.
+ Open communication and transparency.