Application ends: June 30, 2024
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Job Description

Ebony Omolara Enterprises is looking to build a strong team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to growth in their own journey and therefore with the team.
This role plays a part in our Sales & Finance Team.
The Accountant will be responsible for the following:
Financial management of the company and projects
Preparing quarterly accounts
Implementing risk management within project budgets
The role is part time (roughly 2-3 days per week).
We’re based in London, but this role can be done remotely.

Additional Skills and Qualities required

Qualifications/requirements : Financial management, preparing financial statements and risk management


Access to events, training and resources shared by myself.

Training: Ensuring we’re all progressing is one of my number one priorities as I need a strong team around me.

Volunteer of the quarter: each quarter a prize will be awarded to one volunteer for your performance within the company.

Team exercises: I’m currently planning a team day out for the companies 5th anniversary this August. We are spread across the UK so travel and stay will be accounted for (more coming soon).

Work experience and references: as this role is currently voluntary, I’m happy to support your progression in any other area of your career.

Food & travel: For days when we have to meet in person, attend something or we’re working on something, the company will reimburse your food and travel.

If there are any other ways I can support you as volunteers, please feel free to ask and we’ll see what can be arranged.